The Style We Teach

Iesu Karate Do is an eclectic martial art developed by Hanshi Paul Lepkowski, and Kyoshi Benjamin Nickels that has influence from American Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, and Hapkido.

It is self-defense focused making use of both traditional and modern martial arts and self-defense concepts. Practicality and simplicity are emphasized with modern defenses against typical street weapons.

Core Principles

The core principle of Iesu Karate Do is the use of minimal amount of force needed to defend oneself or others with emphasis on escaping conflict or restraining an attacker.

Iesu Karate Do is a system of American Karate that blends the best techniques from traditional Japanese and Korean martial arts and employs a combined approach of hard style (linear) and soft style (circular) techniques from several traditional martial arts (Karate, Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, and Hapkido). Training is safety focused and appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Iesu Karate Do is rooted in strong Christian values and morals that are Biblically based and taught in a family friendly environment. Christian values and morals are taught by incorporating Bible verse memorization, devotional time, and/or other core Christian aspects.

Hanshi, Paul Lepkowski

Hanshi Paul Lepkowski, founder of Iesu Karate Do and Iesu Bujutsu, has trained in the Martial Arts for more than 35 years and holds black belts in multiple styles.

Since beginning his martial arts training in 1984, Mr. Lepkowski has taught several hundred students in traditional styles, self-defense seminars, and at various martial arts conferences.

He is a 2018 inductee in the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame (PHMAS) and an inductee in the 2020 Second Edition of American Martial Arts Alliance (AMAA). In addition, he is featured in the 2020 Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Autobiography Book and the AMAA Who's Who Legends Hall of Honors.

Hanshi Paul Lepkowski's current belt rankings are 7th Degree Black Belt IESU Karate Do and IESU Bujutsu, 6th Degree Black Belt Jujitsu, 6th Degree Black Belt traditional Taekwondo, and 4th Degree Black Belt Hapkido. He is a certified weapons instructor, self-defense instructor, and Christian Martial Arts Chaplain.

Class Schedule

Our class schedule is Wednesday and Friday 6-7:30PM. At this time, we are not able to accept new students as all classes are currently full.

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Founders And Instructors

Our instructors have years of training in various martial arts styles

Paul Lepkowski

Soke, Paul Lepkowski, our Grand Instructor of Iesu Karate Do, founded our eclectic style after mastering different styles of martial arts. Among other accomplishments, he has been inducted into the Philadelphia Martial Arts Historic Society Hall of Fame.

Ben Nickels

Kyoshi, Benjamin Nickels is Founder and head instructor at No Compromise Martial Arts. He is 5th degree black belt in Iesu Karate Do. Years of study under multiple master instructors, has given him a platform of extensive and diverse training experience and techniques.

Aaron Ast

Renshi, Aaron Ast is a 4th degree black belt in Iesu Karate Do and has trained under Hanshi, Paul Lepkowski, for 16 years. He is the head instructor of our Special Forces program and for the karate classes provided to the Homeschool Academy.

Kayla Nickels

Renshi, Kayla Nickels is co-founder and certified instructor at No Compromise Martial Arts and is 3rd black belt in Iesu Karate Do.

Shane Varnum

Renshi, Shane Varnum is a certified instructor at No Compromise Martial Arts and is 3rd degree black belt in Iesu Karate Do. He has a background in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Tang Soo Do.